Saturday, 30 January 2016

Story of Chalet Deruan Ombak, Pengkalan Balak Melaka

Chalet Deruan Ombak is a unique holiday destination as guests can experience village homes complete with relaxing porches. Our beachfront views in the comfortable seclusion will create a meaningful and unforgettable holiday for you, family, and friends.  We also provide various facilities such as café, karaoke, volleyball field, and BBQ areas.

Hate long walks from your accommodation to the beach? Worry not. Our Chalet Deruan Ombak in close proximity to the beach. You can definitely enjoy the serene calls of the ocean waves and catch exquisite sunsets without breaking a sweat !

Be one of the lucky ones that get to see the magnificent Hawksbill Turtles of Pangkalan Balak Beach. You may also enjoy fishing at the fishing village near Chalet Deruan Ombak!

We guarantee comfort and convenience in all our accommodations. Chalet Deruan Ombak is the ideal vacation spot for those looking for affordable accommodations and some peace and quiet.

Chalet Deruan Ombak is the perfect place for you to unwind and recharge. 

Chalet Murah / Bajet semasa cuti sekolah di Pantai Pengkalan Balak Melaka

Jalan Persisiran Pantai, Kampung Padang Kemunting,
78300 Masjid Tanah Melaka.

TEL          : 06-3847628
H/P           : 013-3885715
Manager  : Mawar Seroja binti Minhat
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