Chalet Deruan Ombak Availability

Chalet Deruan Ombak Availability

This is Chalet Deruan Ombak vacancy main page. If you want see the details of the room please click on the prices below, or use our main menu to browse through our website.

Please click the link below for each of our rooms. Please be informed, we are currently testing the functionality of this feature and you may only view the availability of the room. If you are interested and want to make a booking /payment please contact Chalet Deruan Ombak's manager. We prefer direct communication with our customers for any booking to avoid any discrepancies and miscommunication.

1. Standard Room - Rm 90 / Night
Standard Room 1 (Beach View).

Standard Room 2 (Beach View)

Standard Room 3 (Village View)

Standard Room 4 (Village View)

2.Family Chalet
Chalet Kayu vacancy - RM 200/ Night

Chalet Batu vacancy - RM 220 / Night

3.Apartment  - RM 300 / Night
Apartment 1 (Ground Floor)

Apartment 2 (Ground Floor)

Apartment 3 (Ground Floor)

Apartment 4 (Ground Floor)

Apartment 5 (1st floor)

Apartment 6 (1st floor)

Apartment 7 (1st floor)

Apartment 8 (1st floor)
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